Development and Selection of REDD+ Strategies


Myanmar will assess, select and pilot REDD+ strategies for both inside and outside the forestry sector. The assessment of the initial or proposed Candidate Strategies identified during the Roadmap development phase will be refined based on further studies and reviews. A quantitative assessment of emissions and carbon stock removals from major drivers of forest degradation and deforestation will include estimates or trends of future emissions for each of the main drivers identified. A Forestry Sector Institutional and Context Analysis, the review of policies, laws and rules outside the forestry sector and a UN-REDD “Corruption Risk Assessment” will inform the further consolidation of the list of candidate strategies. A review of the existing forest management programmes and their current or potential funding, together with a cost-benefit analysis for the different candidate strategies, will lead to the final selection of candidate strategies to be piloted during the Readiness Phase. The Readiness phase will include the planning of the up-scaling of REDD+ Strategy pilots.