Implementation Framework and Safeguards


The Institutional, Legal and Financial Frameworks for REDD+ implementation will be developed or consolidated. An initial Competency Framework will be established for different stakeholders contributing to the different elements of the REDD+ Institutional Structure. This framework will be used to conduct a Capacity Building Needs Assessment (CBNA) which will guide de development and implementation of the stakeholder training and awareness building activities. The CBNA and corresponding training activities will be repeated based on an interim and final review of the REDD+ Institutional Structure. This component will include the development of a National REDD+ Communication Strategy to ensure effective and transparent information sharing and to support stakeholder consultation processes. The development of REDD+ specific information and communication materials will be based on a review of existing materials. The national legal framework will be adapted and consolidated based on policy and legal reviews conducted under Component 3. Initial national consultations will validate possible amendments, focusing on obvious, urgent and easily enacted changes needed to facilitate REDD+ implementation. A second round of national consultations will be held to review and validate a list of proposed amendments and additions to legal framework. This consultation will focus on more fundamental, complex and long term changes to the national legal framework. The necessary Financial Framework, including a financial mechanism for the management of potential REDD+ income and the distribution channels to ensure equitable benefit sharing, will be developed based on the review of existing financial mechanisms and fund distribution systems. Component 4 will include the development of a REDD+ Social and Environmental Safeguard System based on existing and new national Policies, Laws and Regulations (PRL) to address the Cancun Safeguards. The establishment of a REDD+ Safeguard System will include the development of transparent information and monitoring system. The validation of the proposed Safeguard System and a corresponding National REDD+ Grievance Mechanism will be done through a national consultation process.