Management of REDD+ Readiness


Myanmar will establish the institutional structure to manage the REDD+ Readiness process. It will build on existing structures established by the government before or during the Roadmap development process. Component 1 will also cover the actual management of the REDD+ Readiness phase, including the support to key components of the management structure. Under the overall guidance of the existing multi-sector National Environmental Conservation Committee chaired by MoECAF, an inclusive but streamlined REDD+ Task Force (TF) will manage and coordinate the Readiness process. The REDD+ TF, chaired by the Forestry Department (FD) of MoECAF, will be supported by the three existing and three additional multi-stakeholders Technical Working Groups (TWG). A new REDD+ TF Office, established within the Planning and Statistics Division of the FD will provide secretarial, technical and day-to-day operational support. Key stakeholders identified prior and during the Roadmap development process and involved in the different National and Regional Roadmap Consultation Workshops will form an open National REDD+ Stakeholder Network which will become the main forum for stakeholder consultation during the Readiness Phase. Linkages between the different institutional layers will be reinforced by the participation of TWG members in all TF meetings and the inclusion of TWG members in the National REDD+ Stakeholder Network.