Stakeholder Consultation and Participation


The Stakeholder Consultation and Safeguards TWG will undertake annual stakeholder reviews to update and strengthen the membership of the National REDD+ Stakeholder Network. The TWG will ensure appropriate Civil Society participation and representation of women and ethnic groups by actively promoting corresponding Network membership. A National REDD+ Readiness Stakeholder Consultation Guidelines and Consultation Plan will be developed based on 5 levels of consultation: meetings of the multi-stakeholder TWGs; meetings of the REDD+ TF attended by the TWG members; electronic consultations of the National REDD+ Stakeholder Network; National Consultation Workshops involving Network members and National Consultations Processes involving national and regional consultation workshops. The level of consultation will depend on the subject matter and will be outlined in the consultation plan. Under this component, National Guidelines on Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) will be developed based on a study into traditional decision-making systems. These FPIC Guidelines will be field-tested prior to and as part of the development of REDD+ pilots.